These questions can be the primer for that first phone call before the first date and can be used to continue the “getting to know you” process when you meet face to face.  You can also pose them to friends, spouses, lovers and anyone you want to get a fun and lively conversation going with.  You can open frontiers of intimate knowledge with anyone you want to really get to know. Use a smile and causal laugh to introduce these questions in light conversations or you can slip them in during more intimate one on one talks. 

These questions are meant to start things off.  You never know where things will go once the conversation gets going.  Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised…Maybe you will be shocked…Maybe you will hear things you would never have guessed.  But regardless of where you end up, you can use these questions to begin the journey of discovery.

Going Deeper

Get Personal

Probing questions


to start

Date Conversation

Ever have trouble figuring out how to get a conversation going when talking on the phone or having that first date?  How about when you are chatting online or texting?
Here are loads of great conversation primers about life, love, sex and more...

Looking Deeper: Questions to get beneath the surface.  Here we examine experiences in different situations and hypothetical ones.

Conversation Primers: Questions to start things rolling.  Here are questions that bring up family, childhood, friends and what we do for work & play.

You are not alone in coming up blank when starting a conversation.  now there is help.  Here are hundreds of thoroughly tested, thought provoking questions that will help get not only a great conversation going, but help you both begin the process of learning about each other on different levels.

Getting Personal: Questions that go to the heart of who we are. Subjects of love, dating and relationships.


Grab the questions you want and come back often to reload your conversation reservoir.  Try to memorize a few of them to have them handy when the opportunity arises.  You may surprised on how easily you can get things going with just a simple casual question dropped in at the right time. Enjoy and good luck!

How to get the conversation going...

Probing Questions: Getting deep into the meat of things.  What we hold back, our habits, fears and attitudes on sex.